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Rhodian Tours is a Destination Management Company, which was founded in 2005, and is based in Rhodes, Greece. We specialize in the design, promotion and operation of escorted tours and independent travel services.

We take pride in offering our clients travel services and tour packages only from the areas we have already tested ourselves. We visit every destination, attraction and event. We sample accommodations, spas, meals, entertainment and whatever else is needed, depending on each situation. Therefore, we have a deeper knowledge of the services we offer you compared to anyone else in the market.

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We provide companies and individuals with a wide variety of travel and transportation services on the island of rhodes, depending on their needs, goals and purposes of their visit.


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About Rhodes
About Us

Why Rhodes? Why not!!

A beautiful island full of unique destinations, just waiting for you to discover them.

Rhodes is a marvelous destination for conferences, an island where natural beauty meets culture and rich history. With influences from the medieval times and the Knights, the Italians, the Ottomans, and of course the Greeks, Rhodes is a place of unmatched beauty and elegance.

Welcome to the island of Rhodes, a magnificent jewel of the Aegean Sea, famous around the world for its stunning beauty, as well as for the variety of wonderful destinations and experiences it has to offer.

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